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The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 comes in to effect 23rd February 2018, including laws regarding mandatory data breach notifications – for all private companies with revenue over $3m, and for federal agencies.

Penalties of up to $1.8m apply. Are you prepared? Do you know your obligations. A are ready for the increased transparency and compliance requirements regarding data protection and privacy? 

“Data breaches likely to soar. The number of data breaches reported by Australian companies could almost double next year under new privacy rules that start in February, according to expert analysis.” AFR 14/12/17
It has never been more important to be proactive in development of response plans, incase of potential breaches. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) says that OAIC "All entities should have a data breach response plan. Your actions in the first 24 hours after discovering a data breach are often crucial to the success of your response. A quick response can substantially decrease the impact on the affected individuals."
And, new regulatory compliance risks don’t just apply to organisations trading in Australia. Consequences of data breaches for companies trading with Europe are even bigger (up to 4% of global revenue, under the new EU General Data Protection Regulation which takes effect May 2018.
“Australian companies are being urged to develop a strategy for what to do in the event of a data breach before new rules come into effect in 2018, with one industry expert claiming businesses are "woefully under-prepared". AFR 14/12/17
Do you understand your risks, and do you have a plan in place to manage data breaches?

key learning objectives

  • Australian mandatory data breach notification readiness 
    • Knowing the rules, obligations and potential consequences 
  • Working towards cyber and digital resilience 
    • Health check methodologies and how to measure cyber resilience
  • Protecting your identifiable data 
    • Conduction a gap analysis, and identifying vulnerability risk factors. Discuss proactive measures and controls 
  • Incident response preparedness 
    • Practical steps for incident response plan testing 
  • Data breach notifications and compliance 
    • What to do when breached: Managing data breach notifications, and ensuring compliance with new Australian & EU regulations 
  • Understand wider business and insurance risk implications (guest presenter from AON Australia)
  • Achieving data privacy and effective data governance 
    • Implementing a road map for best practice data governance, meeting information insecurity standards, and privacy management. 


Davis Pulikottil

National Practice Manager - Governance, Risk and Compliance

Sense of Security CISM, MBA, PCI QSA

Davis is a security professional who specialises in compliance, governance, privacy, data governance, risk assessment, application security solutions, penetration testing, security assurance and identity and access management. He has had large exposure to the financial, government, healthcare, telecommunication, non-profit and utilities sectors that has provided valuable insight in to the risks facing organisations today.  Davis is an innovative and adept information security practitioner having successfully delivered information security assurance and identity and access management engagements to global clients across 4 different continents. He has delivered unique technical training sessions to analysts and mentored security professionals to improve skills in identifying advanced and targeted threats.

WHY ATTEND this masterclass

Attending the Data Breach Compliance & Preparedness masterclass will help you reduce risk and increase compliance: 

  • Understand what the mandatory data breach notification rules mean for you
  • Assess your risks relating to data breaches
  • Develop a data breach incident response plan
  • Better protect identifiable data
  • Implement practical steps to follow if responding to an incident 
  • Ensure cyber insurance eligibility
  • Work towards best practice data protection, privacy governance and cyber resilience

Know the triggers, thresholds for eligible data breaches under the new regulations. Know your vulnerabilities, and know to respond in practical terms.

 “Australian companies are being urged to develop a strategy for what to do in the event of a data breach before new rules come into effect in 2018, with one industry expert claiming businesses are "woefully under-prepared". AFR 14/12/17


WHO SHOULD ATTEND this masterclass


  • Data professionals
  • Cyber (security, assurance, resilience)
  • Information managers (systems, security, governance, assurance)
  • Heads of risk management 
  • Privacy managers
  • Inhouse counsel 
  • CIOs, and other information technology leaders 
  •  Governance & compliance leaders







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This Masterclass will be held in a hotel in selected City CBD.

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